How Cefic delivers ChemistryCAN for the European chemical industry?

The chemical industry is one of the largest and most diversified industries in the world, and supplies virtually all sectors of the economy. Cefic is the voice of the chemical industry in Europe, which is the world’s top exporter and importer of chemicals, generating €507 billion in sales and is the leading manufacturing sector by value added per employee. Our members directly provide around 1.1 million jobs and account for 17% of world chemical production.

Our role and our membership

At Cefic, we represent our members – large, medium and small chemical companies and national associations. We interact daily with EU institutions and policymakers, organisations  such as the UN and OECD, as well as non-governmental organisations, media, and many other parties – ensuring the voice of the chemical industry is heard.

The Cefic Sustainability Charter

Building on the Responsible Care programme and our 2012 Sustainable Development Vision, which defined our common understanding on sustainability issues – we have launched the Cefic Sustainability Charter. The Charter puts our vision into operation, defining the  pathway to sustainability.

The Charter provides a framework through which Cefic facilitates dialogue with industry partners, society and governments, about how we can work together towards a sustainable future. It will inspire our activities by ensuring that we embed sustainability in all our programmes, that our objectives are aligned with societal and environmental needs,  and by tracking and reporting on our progress.

Many of our members are already integrating sustainability into their business strategy. Through the Charter, we will continue to facilitate collaboration and sharing of best practice among our members, encouraging more and more chemical companies to include sustainability as an integral part of their corporate strategies.

Cefic will increase engagement with EU policymakers and opinion leaders, using the Charter as a framework  for dialogue, to help policies take advantage of the full potential  of the industry in progressing towards a sustainable future.

Cefic provides a platform for members to develop strategies with sustainability at the core. Cefic encourages companies to review their products, services, business models and partnerships, and to evolve and develop strategies with sustainability in mind. This will help in developing a forward-looking proactive agenda, with innovation at its heart, as chemical companies contribute more and more to a sustainable society.

Chemistry: The industry of Industries

The chemical industry: the industry of industry