On Chemistry Can we show how the European chemical industry facilitates the transition to a more sustainable society

The chemical industry is one of the largest and most diversified industries in the world, and supplies virtually all sectors of the economy. Our unique position makes us a key player in helping other sectors become more energy- and resource-efficient.

Did you know that the chemical industry develops materials and technologies that can boost your home’s energy efficiency, make 100% recyclable products, build more efficient wind turbines and even help preserve wild fish in oceans, among other things? This is just a small sample of the technologies that we are working on.

On Chemistry Can we document our journey towards a low-carbon, resource efficient and circular future.

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Coated textiles: comfortable to wear, sustainable to make

A waterborne technology for sustainable textile coating

The chemical industry has been working on ways to make the process of textile coating more sustainable.

Chemistry can help make old things new again

Making products more circular with one key substance

The chemical industry can make recycled bottles, electronic devices and paper re-usable with one and the same substance: sodium hydroxide.

Cool transport

Food delivery: maximising reliability, minimising energy consumption

Our local store or supermarket supplies us with the ingredients we need to prepare our…



Chemicals play a major role in the production of renewable energy and in enabling other sectors to reduce their carbon footprint



Chemicals turn by-products from one process into raw materials for another



Chemistry makes it possible to re-use our finite material and energy resources more efficiently



The chemical industry uses highly demanding operational management systems to minimise this risk of handling hazardous substances and prevent harm

Chemistry Can help achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals

The chemical industry is a critical partner in the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals 7, 12 and 13.

We are enabling the transition to a low carbon economy by changing to low-carbon emitting chemical production and by developing products that help other sectors reduce their own carbon footprints. At the same time, we drive responsible production and consumption as our technology can help transform waste into valuable new raw materials.